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Christian Faith

Those who have bought or sold on such sites as ‘Ebay’ will be familiar with the Feedback Profile. Customers are asked whether they are satisfied, and the vendor is given a rating in terms of reliability, etc.

For almost 2,000 years now, the Christian Gospel has been shared across the world, and the overwhelming feedback from millions of people in a whole variety of cultural backgrounds, is that Jesus is real, and that he does make a difference to people’s lives.

There are, of course, many ways of expressing faith, just as different people prefer to listen to Radio 1, or Classic FM, or Radio 4. But at the heart of the Christian faith are a number of key issues.

A sketch of Jesus laughingWe believe that Jesus was more than a man. He was the God-man, miraculously born within a Jewish family, and in a unique relationship with Father God.

We believe that when he walked this earth, not only did he have some amazing teaching, he also touched and changed people’s lives.

We believe that when he died, somehow he was taking the suffering and sin of the world upon his shoulders, and when God raised him back to new life, he was demonstrating a victory over evil in which we can all share in faith.

We believe that, through his Holy Spirit, Jesus still makes a difference to people’s lives – giving life and wholeness to all who turn towards him.

We believe that we can know God better through the Bible, and that we can be near to him in prayer. Don’t ask me how it works and how he can hear all our prayer – and don’t ask me how the internet works either! But it does!

Of course there is still suffering in the world, and we believe that it saddens the heart of God to see so much pain and suffering. The world was made to be beautiful and live in harmony with its creator – but successive generations have gone their own way, resulting in a corrupt and self-centred humanity, and a broken world.

If you would like to know more about Jesus, do come and visit us, or  visit the ReJesus web site.