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Laurence, Deacon of Rome, martyr, d.258

10th August 2022
The real treasures of the Church



5th June 2022
The Birth of the Church through the power of the Holy Spirit. How will be changed by its presence?

Pentecost Dove     

Ascension Day

26 May 2022
Christ bringing the fulness of humanity into the divine Godhead

Ascension Day Dali   


April/May 2022
Seeing is believing or believing is seeing?

Doubting Thomas



17th April 2022 Easter Sunday
Easter LightThe Light from out of the Shadows

Leading up to Easter - Triduum

14th April 2022 Maundy Thursday -
Washing Feet!

15th April 2022 Good Friday Eve -

The Moment after the Crucifixion

16th April 2022 Holy Saturday -
Caught between a rock and a hard place

Palm Sunday

10th April 2022
The Problem of Power-Dressing

Annunciation of Our Lord to the Blessed Virgin Mary

25th March 2022
Crisis moment in Nazareth & Mariupol

Epiphany 2022

6th January

Following the Star      


Christmas 2021

Christmas Day

Power in vulnerability  

Advent 2021 -
Exploring the themes of "The Last Four Things" of
Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell

Advent Homilies 2021

Should you find time during the day or evening for a moment of reflection and a cuppa then please do click on the podcast.
No homily is perfect but they allow us to draw closer to the theme in hand and to know of God's purposes for us all.