Barham Downs Churches

  • The Rectory
  • The Street, Barham
  • Canterbury
  • Kent
  • CT4 6PA

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Benefice Logo Barham Downs with Adisham Churches Logo

Our new logo incorporates something of each of our churches.

If we start in the middle we have Mary (St Mary the Virgin, Bishopsbourne) and she is traditionally portrayed in a royal blue.
Mary can also be found on the stained window above the high altar at
St John the Baptist, Barham.

Her blue dress flows seamlessly into the river Jordan from where the hands of John the Baptist (Barham) lifts up a baby (Holy Innocents, Adisham) from out of the water. The baptism is witnessed by St Margaret of Antioch (Womenswold) the saint for women giving birth and the olive branch in the beak of the dove is also one of her symbols while the deer that St Giles loved and cared for looks on alongside the Lamb of God. Overhead the Holy Spirit hovers and under the rainbow which speaks of God always keeping his promises.